How Does It Work?

Big Lottery is 100% FREE!! Play any of our games for Free and win cash prizes. It's super fun, easy and can be played anywhere from any device!! When you are ready to redeem your earnings, withdraw them to your Paypal account!! No need to gamble your money away!! Our Sponsors have already paid for every game so you don't have to!!


Are all the games 100% Free?
Yes, our web platform is 100% Free, we will never ask for your payment information for tokens, rewards, or to play any games.
Can I own a scratch off ticket?
Yes, Scratch Off tickets can be owned as an NFT. The holder of the NFT will earn money based on games played on their ticket. Learn more here.
How can I own a game?
Games can be minted as NFTs directly on our website here when available. Learn more about NFT Game ownership here.
How often can I play?
There is no limit to how many games a user can play.
Are Big Lottery games considered gambling?
Our games are not considered gambling. We will never ask you to wager any of your money to play any of our games. All players have a free chance to win at all of our games.
How much can I win by playing?
Prize amounts will vary depending on the amount of active players, games played and prizes won. Due to the fluctuating variables, all prizes are algorithmically processed at the time of winning and cannot be determined until played.
Do I need a paypal?
In order to redeem prizes, users will be required to have a paypal account to receive dispersed prize.